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Scheduled Dates:  11 – 22 Jan '2021 | 12 – 23 April '2021 | 12 – 23 July '2021 | 11 – 22 Oct '2021

Duration: 2 Weeks

Venue: After 40 Hotel Nairobi

Computerized Program and Budget Analysis with (MS Microsoft Excel) course is available Online.

Customized dates and one-on-one sessions can be organized.


This course enables students to use more sophisticated analytical tools and advanced features of Microsoft Excel to draw useful and reliable conclusions regarding financial performance and demonstrate that information graphically to superiors. This results in more productive analyses (less time-consuming, while providing more valuable information), which will aid organizations’ efforts to track expenditures and control budget execution. Approximately 85% of course time will be spent using Microsoft Excel.
This course is designed for all program and financial management personnel who want to learn about many of the data analysis tools available in Microsoft Excel to aid in creating more compelling analyses of their programs.

Course Objectives

  • Navigate the Excel ribbon
  • Query databases using the Filter tool and t! he Advanced Filter tool
  • Aggregate and display different attributes of a data set using the PivotTable
  • Use Excel’s Descriptive Statistics tool to calculate statistical measures of central tendency, variation, and shape
  • Use the Histogram tool to organize your data and create a frequency distribution
  • Perform graphical analysis of data
  • Use the Rank and Percentile tool to calculate a data item’s rank and percentile ranking
  • Use time series data and Excel’s trend line function to forecast future budgets, costs, and workloads
  • Learn which trend line (linear, polynomial, logarithmic, or exponential) is the best to use based on R2
  • Identify cost drivers using Excel’s Correlation tool
  • Develop simple linear and multiple linear regression models to develop forecasts and predictive equations using Excel’s Regression tool

Course Outline

  • Analyzing data sets with Filter, Advanced Filter, and Pivot Table, and percentile ranks
  • The meaning of measures of central tendency and variation
  • The Normal Distribution and Z-scores
  • Time-series analysis and forecasting
  • Choosing the correct trend line
  • Correlation analysis: analyzing cost and performance
  • Regression techniques, both single and multiple x equations


To register, kindly fill the Seminar Registration Form and send it to us through:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. Fees Payment - All fees are payable strictly in advance 2 working days before the course starting date.
  2. Cancellation Fee - Cancelletion of any participant 5 working days before the start day of a course will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
    We regret that no cancellations will be accepted within 2 working days of a course, but substitutions may be made.

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