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Scheduled Dates: 11 – 15 Jan '2021 | 12 – 16 April '2021 | 12 – 16 Jul '2021 | 11 – 15 Oct '2021

Duration: 1 Week

Venue: SAI Rock Hotel Mombasa

Fraud Detection and Prevention course is available Online.

Customized dates and one-on-one sessions can be organized.


It is estimated that one in three organizations suffer from the effect of fraudulent activity, and recent developments in regulation mean that fraud can have significant consequences for managers and senior executives. Fraud can damage an organization’s reputation as well as reduce its profit and value. Many organizations only think about fraud risk when they have already been affected, but a more proactive approach is needed to prevent and detect fraud.
This one-day course provides an insight to the main practicalities relating to preventing and detecting fraud. The course begins by exploring the main types of fraud and the implications of fraud for an organization and its managers and senior executives. The course then becomes practical - focusing on how to spot signs of fraud, the methods involved in forensic investigations to quantify the impact of fraud, and the policies and procedures that should be put in place to prevent the occurrence of fraud.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in the mechanisms that businesses should employ to reduce the risk of fraud within the organization. The course is relevant for employees, managers and senior executives and assumes no previous knowledge. It is suitable for anyone wishing to understand risk management issues, the role of corporate governance and risk assessment within an organization.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the motivation for people to carry out fraud.
  • Recognize the warning signs of different types of fraudulent activity.
  • Appreciate the consequences of fraud for the organization and its managers and directors.
  • Recommend policies and procedures to combat fraud.
  • Appreciate the need for good governance, strong leadership and sound risk assessment within an organization.
  • Understand the role of experts including forensic accountants.
  • Consider the legal implications of fraudulent activity.

Course Outline

Types of Fraud and the Dynamics and Implications of Fraudulent Activity

  • Examples of fraud including theft of assets, bribery, money laundering and fraudulent financial reporting
  • The causes of fraud – motivation and opportunity
  • The consequences of fraud – quantifying losses and legal implications
  • The responsibilities of directors and managers

Recognizing Signs of Fraud and Investigating Fraud

  • Indicators of fraudulent activity
  • Identifying “red flags” for different types of fraud
  • Performing a fraud risk assessment
  • Forensic investigations into fraudulent activity

Preventing Fraud – Risk Management and Internal Controls

  • Building a strong governance structure and risk management function
  • Designing and performing appropriate internal controls
  • Monitoring the control environment
  • Reviewing financial information
  • The role of internal audit


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  1. Fees Payment - All fees are payable strictly in advance 2 working days before the course starting date.
  2. Cancellation Fee - Cancellation of any participant 5 working days before the start day of a course will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
    We regret that no cancellations will be accepted within 2 working days of a course, but substitutions may be made.

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